Why Yomenco?

Yoga for Business, Inc. is an integrative Healthcare company dedicated to improving health outcomes in Long Term Care, Rehabilitation and Empowering Healthcare workers.

Yomenco 007We do this by blending dance, music and Easter Healing Arts of Tai Chi and Yoga to create a more engaged life in Eldercare and Rehabilitation.

By understanding the age appropriate motivation factors our unique Movement Motivation Therapy Program® effectively breaks through barriers so we can more effectively motivate movement and change behavior to promote health and wellness.

In Long Term Care, (which includes Nursing Homes, Assisted Living facilities and Adult Day Care) our Yomenco® program is a lively engaging program which blends Yoga and Tai CHi with Dance.

In Rehabilitation our Yomenco® program uses more Yoga and Tai Chi exercises, as well as some dance movements to help those with health challenges to partner in their healing process.

For Healthcare workers we provide tools to help them improve their own health and feel more empowered to help their patients (Healer Heal Thyself).