About the Founder

Bruce Van Horn, CYT, CDP, MBA, CPA


Bruce Van Horn, the founder, worked at KPMG and Price WaterhouseCoopers before forming his own successful Manhattan-based Accounting firm in 1987.  His clients included Morgan Stanley. As testimony to his versatility, he was the CFO of the largest Russian Internet portal.  He sold his firm in 2000 after a family member had died of Alzheimer’s.

Bruce was motivated to radically rebuild his life.  He became a Yoga instructor and with personal encouragement from leaders in Complimentary Medicine such as Patch Adams, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil and Dr. Bernie Siegel.  He rewrote his life and then began writing for others.  His first book Yoga for Men which had a special emphasis on Prostate Cancer Prevention, went on to sell 30,000 copies.  In promoting his book Bruce appeared on National TV and was featured in many national publications.

Bruce devoted himself to men’s health issues and worked on Prostate Cancer Awareness and Prevention with Betty Gallo, the wife of the late Congressmen Dean Gallo.  Bruce was involved with the early development and advocacy of Complimentary Medicine programs at the Cancer Institute of new Jersey and UMDNJ.

Bruce had the opportunity to work with Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross when she was facing her final life challenge.  Dr. Ross was struggling with her own pain but she found comfort in the philosophy of the Eastern Tradition.

Bruce’s father’s struggle with Alzheimer’s led him to develop an innovative new movement motivation therapy, Yomenco, a combination of Yoga, Dance and Meditation has been widely embraced in long term care and Movement Motivation Therapy which has been very successful in Rehabilitation.  It is taught in 80 healthcare facilities in NY metro area, (see www.yomenco.com for ABC News Clip).  Bruce Believes that Eastern Healing Arts have great potential to promote healthy lifestyles and aging.

Bruce likes to think of himself as a struggling Yogi, whose life challenges have given a unique opportunity to integrate Eastern healing philosophy in Western Medical settings.

Yomenco® program is a lively engaging program which blends Yoga and Tai CHi with Dance