Long Term Care

Yomenco addresses the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of those residing in eldercare communities, as well as seniors in Senior Centers and Adult Day Care Facilities.  The program is a combination of entertainment, physical therapy, dance therapy, music therapy and meditation that is well received across a broad spectrum of functioning levels, from higher functioning assisted living to mid-stage Alzheimers and Dementia. Scientific studies have shown that dance/movement/meditation therapies are the most effective preventation for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, pain management and slowing cognitive decline.
The program also has a wide demographic appeal equally well received in nursing homes in at risk communities to assisted living facilities in the very affluent communities.  We offer bilingual services for Spanish speaking populations.
The following benefits of the program have also been observed:
  • Develop more loving relationships between the staff and residents
  • De-stress the staff
  • Improve sleep, behavior and state of mind of the residents
  • Improve balance and reduce risk of falling
  • Encourages family members to visit more frequently
There is a movement in Government to reduce the levels of medications and instead focus on quality of life and prevention.   Our program is effective because it looks like entertainment, creates spontaneous joy, an atmosphere of celebration and encourages movement in an organic way.  Once we develop this trust and community we can take even lower functioning groups deep into stretching and breathing exercises and then deep into healing meditation.  The non-denominational meditation uses nature and guided imagery for maximum effectiveness.  Yomenco is an effective and affordable physical therapy/ exercise motivation/ stress management for your residents and staff.
The program is currently administered and paid for out of the Activity/Recreation department but there are indications that Medicaid may soon be funding these programs.
The program is forty five minutes and consists of 25 minutes of movement to music, 12 minutes of Yoga and 8 minutes of meditation. We focus on strengthening the spine, improving breathing, structured movement, body awareness, balance and stress management.

Yomenco® program is a lively engaging program which blends Yoga and Tai CHi with Dance