Training for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers in Nursing Homes and Hospitals are often stressed out and facing their own healthcare challenges.  They haven’t been given a complete toolbox to heal themselves and their patients.  Yomenco offers an integrative approach to honoring the whole individual, their life challenges as well as their genetic predispositions.  The Yomenco program for staff can be delivered as an employee wellness program or as an in-service training or a combination of the two.  In either case, the benefits accrue both in enhanced employee wellness and enhanced quality of care to patients.
The program is similar to those for patients, forty five minutes long and consists of 32 minutes of Yoga/Tai chi body movement and awareness, five minutes on breathing awareness, five minutes on balance enhancement, 8 minutes on meditation and 5 minutes on lifestyle coaching.  We focus on strengthening the spine, improving breathing, structured movement, body awareness and stress management and balance

Yomenco® program is a lively engaging program which blends Yoga and Tai CHi with Dance