“The Yomenco program not only helps nursing home residents physically with motor skills and range of motion, but addresses emotional and psychological needs as well. The residents are not only calmer and more relaxed but motivated to take on the days challenges”  — Dr. Robert Bock, Md Gerontologist Sunrise Assisted Living Wayne NJ

“We are very grateful to have the Yomenco Program at our facility. It is an outstanding quality of life program”
— Michael Guliano, Executive Director Brighton Gardens, Mountainside

“By encouraging me to get up and dance with you and holding some of my body weight you gave me the confidence to get up and start walking again. Now a month later I’m leaving to go home, it feels like a miracle”  — Shakkae Kapakian, Tenafly NJ, Brentwood Nursing, Norwood NJ

“Every morning I feel anxious and fearful, breathing exercises put my mind at ease and gives me a sense of calm and peacefulness. Thank you so much.”  — Theresa Crown, Cornell Hall Nursing Home Union NJ

“I just wanted to tell you that the hand stretches have really helped me with my Arthritis, I used to have such pain and stiffness, thank you” — Connie Resnick, Greenbrook Manor

Yomenco® program is a lively engaging program which blends Yoga and Tai CHi with Dance