Movement Motivational Therapy

For Yoga Instructors, Tai Chi Instructors, Nurses, Healthcare Administrators, Activity Professionals, Recreation Therapists, Social Workers and Psychologists

Combining Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance, Music, Love, Community and Spirituality to Encourage Movement and Behavioral Change to Improve Health Outcomes


Programming for Rehabilitation, Long Term Care & Independent Living

(Improving Long Term & Subacute Care with Eastern Healing Arts)

  • Learn about Yomenco and how it represents a movement toward integration in Western healthcare to partner with certain Eastern and Complimentary preventative health strategies
  • Develop tools to promote positive healthy lifestyle changes for your long term and sub acute populations
  • Develop an understanding of how Movement Motivation Therapy can be a powerful tool for Activity Directors and Recreation Therapists in achieving health better outcomes with both Medicare and Medicaid populations.
  • Learn how Movement Motivation Therapy can improve health outcomes for Strokes, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Balance and mental well being and how these tools can help seniors move beyond the pain associated with physical aging and diminishing senses to create real connections, which benefit the body, mind and spirit.
  • Understand Outsourced Love: Increase effectiveness as a compassionate healthcare professional
  • Create programming in your facility that evolves culture, builds community, ends isolation and improves the health and well-being of both healthcare professionals and residents/clients
  • Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Better manage stress and prevent occupational burnout
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities presented  by current financial climate and how Movement Motivation Therapy could help to rebrand the Activity Director and Recreational Therapist as the first line of offense in a heal care system now repositioning itself for preventative health.
  • Earn hrs qualifying continuing education credit

We are excited to offer this first workshop to all health professional wishing to acquire new skills to improve quality of life and evolve culture. These all-day workshops are limited to 25 people so that each person can receive personal attention. Details are below—We look forward to meeting some of you there!


  • Activity Directors, Coordinators, Therapists, Assistants
  • Recreation Directors, Therapists
  • MDS Coordinators
  • Social Workers
  • Administrators
  • Nursing Staff
  • Adult Day Care Center Staff
  • Assisted Living Staff
  • Yoga Instructors and Therapists
  • Dance Therapists
  • Rehabilitation Therapists